Amazon Trip 2023

With the help of donated supplies from Smile Beautiful patients, Dr. Daniel Jones and his son Rafa spent nine days at the end of May traveling up and down the Amazon River by boat to bring dental care to remote indigenous communities in Brazil.

They stopped at eight communities, where Dr. Jones performed checkups and dental treatment and distributed essential dental supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. Dental care is crucial here, since problems that would be minor in more developed countries can become severe if not treated. The people they met along the river were always welcoming, and the children were especially curious to learn about what Dr. Jones was doing.

Dr. Jones and his son traveled on a boat called the Padma with doctors and other professionals through the Universidade do Amor, an organization that supports medical care and education in the Amazon. When they weren’t busy treating people’s teeth, they sampled local fish, swam with pink river dolphins, and took in the beauty of nature.

Dr. Jones chose to volunteer in Brazil since he and his wife are originally from there. As part of his belief in paying it forward, he has previously done mission work in Honduras with his brother and colleague, Dr. Justin Jones.

Thanks to the generous donations of money and dental supplies from Smile Beautiful patients, there were plenty of supplies for this mission and the next one.